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Gold Strokes Earrings

Lingua Nigra

Gold Strokes Earrings


Just like a brush stroke, these earrings are perfectly mismatched. Made up of 6 round and oval reticulated pieces, these earrings are lightweight and can be a great addition to any look.

3" long

22kt gold plated, stertling silver earwire

Created by Alicia Goodwin in Chicago, IL. Lingua Nigra was launched soon after Alicia graduated F.I.T. Her work is inspired by nature, with a focus on ancient talismans, Victorian era work and mourning sentimental jewelry. With nods to everything from markings on beetles to the texture on trees, Lingua Nigra is meant to evoke a timeless feeling that can be worn everyday, because this form of art should be shared by wearing. Created using several techniques, most notably acid etching and also metal reticulation. Each approach yields random texture that can never be predicted during process. The final result is metal with a mix of textures based on time and chance. Shapes are then cut out of the work, or cast items created from wax receive texture. During one of the final steps of the process, the texture becomes even more transformative when electroplated with 22kt gold.