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Laurel Canyon Candle
Laurel Canyon Candle
Laurel Canyon Candle
Laurel Canyon Candle


Laurel Canyon Candle


We are stardust

We are golden

When chemistry happens between people with music, magic happens. 

A laid-back but creative milieu blossomed in the many half-hidden houses on the leafy, eucalyptus, and jasmine-scented lanes of Laurel Canyon. This L.A. neighborhood was colonized by an impromptu group of musicians in the late sixties and early seventies who conjured beautiful bohemian harmonies in sweet & smoky, scented rooms.

Nearly everyone who was there was, at one time or another, stoned; nobody remembers everything the same way. What is undeniably true is that from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, some of the most melodic, atmospheric, and subtly political American popular music was written by residents of, or those associated with, Laurel Canyon.

Alluring aromas of cannabis command the mood against a melodic backdrop of fragrant eucalyptus trees after a spring rain. Wildflowers, apricots, swaying palm trees, and David Crosby's suede jacket. You can almost smell the music. ⁣⁣

It's got to be a long time coming, to a higher order of peace and freedom.

8 oz. natural wax candle

Composed of an exquisite blend of bespoke perfume and essential oils. handcrafted using cotton wicking.

Poured into artisan mouth-blown glassware exclusive to Tatine, crafted to be drink safe and reused. Gently hand wash or place the glass in the dishwasher for use at your next celebration and let it live uniquely on.

When burned properly, you will enjoy 50 hours of a delicate fragrant atmosphere.