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Perle Tumbler Aquamarine
Perle Tumbler Aquamarine
Perle Tumbler Aquamarine


Perle Tumbler Aquamarine


Worked by hand using an old method involving twisting and breaking of the glass, the Perle glass tumbler has a blend of transparency and vitreous ceramic body with bands of oval dots encircling the rim. Each piece is entirely unique and is designed to be mix and matched with other colours in the range. A great offering for those passionate about hosting.

Dishwasher Safe

10.8 oz

2.8" x 4.3"

Handmade by master glassblowers in China

The brainchild of Venetian designer, Federico de Majo, Zafferano is the home to a host of tasting glasses and tableware, in tinted, mismatched styles. Placing close attention to the beauty of Italian design, the brand aims to bring form, function and great visual appeal to table arrangements with its rainbow-like collection of glass tumblers, enhanced by unexpected elements.